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Benefit from our Over 8GW of PV Solar Mounting Experience

Over 10 years of design and manufacturing experience has made OMCO the largest and most experienced supplier of utility-scale solar racking. What we’ve learned about cost-saving efficiencies has been distilled into the Field-Fast System:

  • Less complicated
  • Fewer structural components
  • Less hardware
  • Dramatically faster installation

Lowest Installed Cost

Purchase Direct from the Manufacturer

Competitive advantage in pricing and customer support direct from a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Four Manufacturing Locations to Minimize Delivered Cost

Unparalleled freight and lead time advantages.

Production Flexibility

We can support job site – specific requirements through enhanced manufacturing capabilities.

Holes for pre-assembled tilt bracket and diagonal struts at exact pitch requirements

Support beam tabs hold beam while hardware is installed

Less Complicated: Under 7 Bill of Material Items

We produce C-channel ground posts in-house from heavy galvanized steel (or post-dipped galvanized, if required).

Posts are pre-punched with only the hole configurations needed for your structure at your pitch. No guess work. No on-site adjusting.

Tilt bracket and diagonal struts are attached with bolts in holes pre-punched for your requirements.

East-West Beams are easily mounted. Custom raised tabs in the tilt bracket hold beams in place to speed placement of hardware.

Only one set of hardware required to connect East-West Beam to Tilt Bracket.

Holes are located exactly where needed. No confusion. No delays.

Pre-installed hanging tabs

Pre-threaded holes

Clamps arrive pre-installed and properly spaced

Patented Mod Rail Assembly

Delivers the fastest panel installation in the Solar Industry

Hanging tabs on bottom of assembly latch on to top of East-West beam to support Mod Rail while installer aligns it with lower mounting hole.

Both top and bottom of East-West beams arrive at jobsite with pre-threaded holes. Only two bolts required, one at each end.

Mod Rails are Custom-built for each installation to maximize time savings.

Panel clamps are pre-installed at factory, minimizing loose hardware and assuring proper spacing.

Solar Panel Installation…

Fastest and Safest in the Industry

  • A two person crew can quickly and safely install solar modules from the low side of the array.
  • Slide and Stay Modules: Solar modules slide into place and are held in position with tabs as the next module is retrieved and installed. Increased Safety. No overhead lifting!
  • Bottom module slides into place, pushing the other panels up into their final position.
  • Bottom module is held in place by another tab at the bottom of the Mod Rail Assembly.

Securing Solar Panels: Fastest and Safest in the Industry

After solar panels are in place, the lowest clamp on Mod Rail Assembly is tightened from above. All other clamps are accessed from below. All solar panels are installed from ground level.

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